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Exposing women's true value and worth.

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Supporting purpose and community.

If you want to help Women With A Purpose in leading the next generation of young women in the right direction through financial giving or in-kind contributions. Every donation helps us sustain and expand our community programming in growth and development, educational attainment, and a better way of living. Sponsorship of a program makes a profound difference in the life of our girls,  whether it be by direct care or logistic support to run our  unique programs. You may choose to  be a general donor or a specific program sponsor. For specific programs we tailor our sponsorships to ensure maximum impact. Contact us for more information.


Growth and Development

The organization celebrates community by access and exposure. Revealing to them opportunities, experiences and occasions that they wouldn’t traditionally receive; giving them an advantage. Request More Infromation →

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A Better Way of Living

We exist to make life better for those we’re connected to and partnered with. The organization partners with institutions and organizations that wish to make a difference as well. Request More Infromation →


Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

The Woman of Purpose Scholarship funds a portion of tuition for girls who have been accepted into a nationally accredited technical/vocational college.

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organization overview

Loving people just where they are in life.

We are here to support and empower women to discover their true purpose. Through transparency in the women of our organization,  we will teach our young women to love and respect themselves. 

Through the transparency of our group,  we display love to expose women's true value and worth, while casting away any judgment and condemnation. To find out more about us, on the go, you can download a .pdf of our brochure.