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6th Annual Fundraiser Luncheon Common Ground


Our Program Focus

Women With a Purpose is a certified 501 (c) (3) that was created to service girls and women of the local community. Our organization’s original programs and events all begin with engaging the local community first; those that are impacted or have the power to impact the most. Focusing on three areas with the community we serve.


EDucational advancement

Women With A Purpose awards two (2) $1,000 scholarships to female seniors of the organization’s selected educational partner. The Woman of Purpose Scholarship application is made available annually during the Fall/Winter.

growth and development

We get an opportunity to hear and assess the needs of the community and its members. Not only being a listening ear and caring heart but being a solution to the individuals personal growth. Providing hope that someone cares and is there to make a difference. 

a better way of living

Women With A Purpose exists to make life better for those its connected to and partnered with. However, that cannot be done alone. The organization partners with institutions and organizations that wish to make a difference too.


Exposing women’s true value and worth.


organization overview

Loving people just where they are in life.

We are here to support and empower women to discover their true purpose. Through transparency in the women of our organization,  we will teach our young women to love and respect themselves. 

Through the transparency of our group,  we display love to expose women's true value and worth, while casting away any judgment and condemnation. To find out more about us, on the go, you can download a .pdf of our brochure.